30 Years in the Making!

Our Story!

It all began 30 years ago when the owners Mike and Danny were just wee little toddlers! Danny grew up on a farm house a couple miles from the nearest neighborhood where his friend Mike lived. Growing up the two were always getting into lots of adventures. One of their favorite things to do was to go to the local swimming pool to play sharks and minnows, volleyball and eat penny candy (yea it was only one cent!).

The first business idea came to the two while playing in the woods at the swimming pool. There was a golf course right next to the pool and Mike found a golf ball in the woods. He cleaned it up and sold it to someone at the pool! They spent the rest of the summer finding golf balls, cleaning them up, and selling them to golfers. Danny still hasn’t seen the profits from the golf ball sales to this date They split the profits and enjoyed their first successful business together!

Our Story Continued!

Several years later Danny was looking to start his first business, a photo booth business! Mike had agreed to help him, and he built Danny his first photo booth! The two continued with their adventures and one day they stumbled into an escape room! They both loved it but didn’t think much of it after they left the establishment.

About a month later they played another escape room. After a successful experience the two went out to grab pizza and then Mike said “why don’t we put an escape room in Beavercreek!”. What a great idea! The two stayed up that entire night and mapped out their first escape room, the Bank Vault. A short five months later they opened their business with two rooms! Mike and Danny love the city they grew up in and nothing brings them more joy than giving back to the community they love! The two continue to think of fun exciting ideas they can bring to the city of Dayton!

Our Team

We have the best escape room team members in Dayton, United States, Planet Earth, the universe! Our staff is comprised of all types and walks of life. We love to celebrate as a team and regularly do team buildings! The best part of the team is that they truly love what they do and strive to make the best experience possible for the guests!