You can contact us at or leave a voicemail by phone at: 937-306-8820 (Call).

Find yourself looking to book Dayton’s latest form of fun? If you have a team of 24 or more people that you want to get to play a game please email us. Use our contact form above to reach out to us so one of our staff will get a hold of you shortly. We will get in touch with you in about an hour but worst case no longer than one day. Hence. if you have not heard from us within a day please call us at 937-306-8820.

In addition, we offer group rates for over 24 people. We have 6 rooms that can each hold 8 people at once time. Hence, you can have 48 people start at the same time! We can run all 6 rooms at once if you call or email to set it up. We can get 48 people in at once and 48 in an hour and a fifteen minutes after that. This is because we need time to reset the room in between games. If you are another local business and wish to talk to us about cross promoting with you please use the contact form above or call us. We also would love to promote you!

We are the only locally owned escape game business in Dayton! Shop local and contact us today!

Furthermore, if you need to book a game for a couple of people you can do that below.

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